Therapeutic Play

For more than 70 years, play therapy has been a well-established method of treatment in clinical practice. Therapeutic play has proven to be a practical approach with children because they have not yet developed the intellectual reasoning abilities and verbal skills needed to articulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours adequately.


Our trained child psychotherapists apply the curative powers of play to help children resolve their current psychological difficulties, and prevent future ones. They provide a safe, confidential, caring environment allowing children to play with as few limits as possible within safe boundaries. 

A sequentially planned integrative model invites the child to play creatively and spontaneously using their imagination and unconscious.

Children gain strategies to cope with the difficulties they face in life and which they cannot change.  It provides a more positive view of their future life.


For children, toys are their words, and play is their conversation.

The Wellbeing Academy has skilled practitioners who use both non-directive and directive play therapy.


Therapy play includes:

  • Storytelling

  • Creative Visualisation

  • Drama 

  • Puppets & Masks

  • Music Dance, Movement

  • Sandplay 

  • Painting & Drawing

  • Clay, Plasticine & Playdough Games  


Therapeutic play may treat or assist in alleviating a mild, one-off emotional or psychological problem that is preventing the child from functioning normally.

It can also be a method for detecting more severe problems and our child psychotherapist are qualified to deal with this. The therapeutic relationship is vital, and because there is some degree of clinical responsibility, clinical supervision is essential.

Sessions may last from typically around 45 minutes, and we usually work with children aged 6 – 11 yrs. A parent with, preferably, both parents will be arranged to discuss your concerns and then an initial session with your child will be made.  It is important that they are happy to come for play therapy and that they connect well with the therapist. There will be a parent review at regular intervals.



Initial parent meeting - £20 for half an hour

Therapeutic Play sessions - £40 for 45 mins

Review meetings - £20 for half an hour


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