For more than 70 years, play therapy has been a well-established method of treatment in clinical practice. Therapeutic play is better suited to children because they are still developing the intellectual reasoning abilities and verbal skills needed to articulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours adequately.

I am a trained child psychotherapist and therapeutic play has the curative powers to help children resolve their current psychological difficulties, and prevent future ones. I provide a safe, confidential, caring environment allowing children to play with as few limits as possible within safe boundaries. 

I invite the child to play creatively and spontaneously using their imagination and unconscious using a mixture of directive and non-directive play.

Children will then gain strategies to cope with the difficulties they face in life, some of which they cannot change.  It provides a more positive view of their future life.

Therapeutic Play includes 

Storytelling,, creative activities, drama, puppets & Masks, music, and movement, Sandplay, painting & drawing, clay, plasticine & playdough games.  

Therapeutic play can treat or resolve a mild, one-off emotional or psychological problem that is preventing your child from having a happy, worry-free life.

It can also be used to assess more severe problems and I am qualified to deal with this. The therapeutic relationship is vital and will do all I can to become a trusted adult and therapy companion for your child.

Sessions last around 45 minutes and are usually best suited for children  6 – 10 yrs.  I will meet, preferably, with both parents and we will discuss your concerns and then I will initial have an initial one-to-one session with your child.  It is important that they are happy to come for play therapy and that they connect well with me. There will be a parent review at regular intervals.


Initial Parent Meeting - £20 for half an hour

Each Session - £45 for 45 minutes

Parent Review Meeting - £20 for half an hour


Garry Landreth


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