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Chatting Over Coffee

Counselling for Adults

Counselling Psychotherapists

Our therapists are qualified counsellors who specialise in talking therapy. They provide a safe and therapeutic space for you to discuss your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours without judgment. They can help you make sense of complicated feelings and give you the tools to resolve them or cope with them. They can also assist you in identifying unhelpful thinking patterns and guide you in changing them. 


Counselling is a useful tool for managing and coping with various life events such as bereavement, relationship issues, job loss, and emotional difficulties like guilt, sadness, confusion, anger, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and long-term physical health problems. It is not just for crisis situations. Counselling is beneficial at any stage of life, and seeking help early on can prevent things from getting worse. 


The success of your therapy largely depends on the rapport you build with your counsellor. We strive to develop a positive relationship with you, but if you feel the therapeutic 'fit' is not right, please let us know. Counselling is not a quick fix, and it may take some time to see results. We will regularly check-in and review the process with you. Each session typically lasts for about an hour.

Cost: £40 per session 

(Concessions are available under certain circumstances. Please explain on the appointment form).

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