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Student Counsellor Placement 

We are proud to be able to offer placement opportunities for counselling students.

We are committed to providing opportunities for professional development and experience in a private practice setting. This enables clients to access low-cost counselling while helping us deliver a good quality service through increased resource capacity regardless of our client’s circumstances.

We are looking for dedicated team members who can work flexible hours to accommodate your and our client’s schedule. We offer an office based at Rosyth, providing face-to-face or video counselling.

We offer a grounded experience so you can build on your knowledge and skills with various clients in a safe and supportive environment.

Our student positions will be offered subject to satisfactory interviews, references and a PVG Scheme membership check.

You will receive an induction and travel expenses of up to £10 per week plus monthly group supervision and quarterly mentoring sessions.

Students studying to Diploma Level or above in counselling undertaking a recognised accredited counselling course are welcome to apply.

The role requires you:

  1. Provide direct 1-1 counselling services for anyone aged 18+ who is experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues.

  2. Take part in group supervision and mentoring sessions.

  3. Work with up to 3 clients in the first four months and up to 5 clients a week after that.

  4. Use an online calendar and maintain client casework notes and administration for your caseload.

  5. Attend individual supervision sessions with a qualified supervisor by the standards in COSCA and BACP.  (Costs to be paid by student)

  6. Assessment appointments will be carried out by an experienced counsellor who will explain the counselling process and assist clients in assessing if counselling is appropriate. They will then contact you for a briefing.

  7. Undertake regular client-counsellor review sessions throughout the counselling relationship.

  8. Ensure online forms and evaluation data are collected and stored using encrypted online software.

  9. Maintain the recording and storage of all confidential information pertaining to counselling clients in line with GDPR Policy.

  10. Participate in team meetings and workshops as appropriate.

  11. Assist in the advertising and promotion of the Counselling Service.

We are not currently offering placements

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