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Powerful Feelings

Through various activities which explore feelings, children develop an awareness of how emotions affect their wellbeing, and then able to articulate their understanding of their own feeling at home, school and in social situations.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is ideal to support children, P3 – P7, to build their emotional wellbeing. 

All children would benefit from this workshop but you may find it particularly useful for those who are often overwhelmed by their emotions or find regulating their emotions difficult. It is also helpful for those who have or are experiencing an emotional time in their lives.

What does this workshop cover?

This workshop will enable children to:

·         Identify a range of childhood emotions.

·         Identify emotions that are familiar to them and discover new ones.

·         Understand that others react differently.

·         Be able to articulate how they feel to an adult.

·         Be shown helpful ways of expressing their emptions healthily.

·         The capacity to respond appropriately to the feeling of others.

Delivery Options - Can be delivered with a small group or whole class.

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