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The Wellbeing Academy | Counselling & Psychotherapy | Fife & Edinburgh
Understanding The Importance of Childhood Attachments

The aim of this workshop is to help parents, not only become more ‘attachment aware’, but give practical strategies and resources to respond to their child's emotional needs.

Whilst there’s a relationship between insecure attachment and behaviour problems at home and school, this workshop does not equip parents to diagnose attachment issues or engage in any kind of therapy.

But the role of primary caregiver is vital and this workshop will provide an ‘attachment informed lens’ from which to view every child helping parents determine the best avenue of support for their child and clear strategies for their own parenting style.

At the heart of our training, is a concern to do our best for all children, not solely those who exhibit symptoms of trauma and unmet attachment needs, but to help all children to embark upon the road to fulfilling their potential.

The workshop will cover the following:

·         Why Attachment Matters 

·         What is Attachment Theory

·         Neuroscience

·         What you need to know

·         How trauma manifests at home and in the classroom

·         Building a secure parent-child relationship

This workshop is an online course or a live webinar and lasts for 3 hours.



Online recorded course - £100          Live Webinar - £50 per person

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