Our teenage years can be both enjoyable and challenging as we transition to adulthood. Complex emotions, relationship issues, sexuality, stress and anxiety all accompany this period of transformation. Friends and family can be a great support, but there are times when this is not enough and counselling is needed.

Youth counselling provides teenagers with opportunities to discuss distressing issues with a skilled and impartial practitioner, to address problems at home, with friends, in the community, at school, college or work.

I am a trained and experienced youth counsellors skilled in dealing with a variety of issues helping young people better understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and find ways to cope with the ups and downs of life. I will try to understand the world from my client’s point of view, to be a trusted adult, someone impartial, non-judgmental and client-focused.

Some young people only need a few counselling sessions to resolve their issues; others require an extended duration. Each young person has the opportunity to meet with me to find out if counselling is right for them.  They can ask questions and see how they feel.  Counselling is voluntary, and although young people are often encouraged to go along by an adult, they are never forced to attend. I will meet with both parents (if possible) and the young person, for an initial session and thereafter will meet exclusively with my young client.  I understand that parents are a secondary client and I will arrange a review meeting after every six sessions. Any young person between the ages of 18-25 yrs can book and pay for sessions independently.  I have a discounted rate for students in full-time education.

Each counselling session lasts around 50 minutes.

My client’s thoughts and feelings are private to them, and I will not share them with anyone. I can, however, speak to any adult on behalf of a young person if necessary.

If I am told that they or another child or young person is in danger or at risk, that they intend to harm someone or they know someone at risk, then action will be taken to help or resolve the situation.   I have worked with hundreds of young adults and 96% leave counselling feeling stronger, changed for the better or more positive about their lives.

Issues that are appropriate for youth counselling are:

Bullying, anxiety, low mood, anger, grief, exam stress, parent separation, sexuality, gender, identity, loneliness, developmental trauma, abuse (of any kind), attachment disorders.

Cost: £50 per face-to-face session or  £45 per online Zoom session


Counselling for Young People
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