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The Wellbeing Academy | Counselling & Psychotherapy | Fife & Edinburgh

By understanding adolescent development, we can better appreciate how and why young people behave the way they do, and we can help young people make better decisions about their life and future.


This course will focus on four key areas:

  • Brain development

  • Cognitive development

  • Social development

  • Promoting healthy youth development



Delivery Details 

  • 2 hours. We recommend a short break in the middle.

  • For up to 30 participants, although, depending on need, a smaller group may be more suitable.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

Parents, teachers and youth workers would benefit from this workshop. 



What does this workshop cover?

This workshop will enable participants to understand:

  • How adolescent thinking and behaviours are influenced by basic biological and brain-related changes occur during adolescence. 

  • Major cognitive changes that occur during adolescence. 

  • How the likelihood of risk-taking increases due to adolescents’ thinking.

  • How adolescent identity and other key milestones develop.

  • Key factors that promote healthy youth development.



Group of up to 20 - £100 (additional £10 per person above 20)

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