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Link3d Up

Through Link3d Up, young people (aged 11-16 years) will learn how to find their strengths, apply optimistic thinking patterns for problem solving, develop positive and resilient connections with others, and negotiate changes in life when strengths are challenged. It is particularly helpful for young people who are experiencing social difficulties.

Link3d Up is a 6 week programme based on the model of the Resilience Doughnut.  It is designed to run as a weekly group with 6 sessions of 1.5 hours, but can be run over two sessions of 45 minutes.

The 6 Sessions are:

1) Resilient Teenagers

2) Identifying your strengths

3) Resilient Thinking

4) Growing by connecting

5) Reporting back on Kindness Project

6) Follow-Up 

We recommend a follow-up session 6 weeks later to review the concepts learned in the group and to notice further change and progress.  The Linked Up programme has a pre and post evaluation which assesses changes in resilience outcomes.


For a group of ten children for 1.5 hours over 7 weeks - £1,400



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