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Bright Thinking

This programme is for children whose anxiety fuels their negative thinking. Bright Thinking is a 6-week programme for children aged 8 to 12 years who experience ongoing anxiety.


The programme links both cognitive and solution focused approaches by showing children how to discern the difference between pessimistic and optimistic thinking styles, while giving them the solution focused skills to get from one style to another.

The programme does not focus on the child’s presenting anxiety or worry thoughts, but rather develops solution focused skills towards optimistic thinking. Each week children learn to ask the miracle question and practice scaling to determine their place in the journey towards changing their thinking. The new skills are practiced on themselves and others in the group with opportunities for feedback from other children who notice their strengths and changes in their skill development.


The Resilience Doughnut model values key relationships in a child social development, therefore, the Bright Thinking programme ensures that key people in the child’s life (such as parents) are also taught the material at the same time so they can discuss and share new ideas as they learn. 

To accompany this programme for children, there is also a short online course for parents, providing parents with the skills and an understanding of the approach used in this programme for their children.


What does this training cover? ​

·         The key aspects of resilient thinking.

·         Exercises for parents to promote their own resilient thinking.

·         Practical ways we can foster optimism in children.

·         How positive language can assist children to face difficulties and challenges. 


For a group of ten children, for 1 lesson over 6 weeks - £2,000

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